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Are You Seeking To Learn The Truth?

Have you ever wondered what the "truth" about the Bible and becoming a Christian really is? Or maybe you wondered what is the purpose of your being here, and what exactly does God want from YOU? Well, the "Good News" is that you are now at the Door, and Jesus is knocking. Will you let Him in? Or will you ignore Him? God the Father WANTS you to know Him, and He hopes you will search for the truth about those things that you wonder about.

We are sharing a FREE Video Bible Study Course with you that makes it so easy to learn what you need to know - directly from God's Word. You simply watch a video series called "Searching For Truth" and in just 6 short videos, you will have sufficient information you need to make a life-changing decision about your eternity and what you will do with God now that you know what He expects. Will you obey Him? Or will you ignore Him? After viewing this series, please contact us if you wish to have further assistance in your walk with Jesus Christ.